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Food Service

Callahan’s Steakhouse 

Callahan’s wished to relocate their restroom group, add a bar, and modernize their front of house. Ellingson Contracting spent one month adding a restroom group to one side of the building, completing as much work as possible while the restaurant was operational. The restaurant then closed briefly while crews worked around the clock to demolish and re-build all interior finishes, turning over a completely renovated space in just ten days.


Fayetteville Senior Center

The Fayetteville Senior Center hoped to expand their commercial kitchen facility and their front of house drink bar. Ellingson Contracting partnered with DeMx Architecture (Fayetteville, Arkansas) to perform this work, also expanding the center's parking area to accommodate the added facilities.


Marketplace Grill

Marketplace Grill in Springdale suffered an exterior fire that caused damage to their peripheral waiting area. Ellingson Contracting was brought in to remediate the damage, restoring the area to look as if no fire had ever occurred.

Old Pine Coffee Roasters

Old Pine Coffee Roasters is located in Fayetteville along the Mud Creek Trail, with a family friendly atmosphere as well as a prime study and work sport. Ellingson Contracting was glad to coordinate all the design and construction for this unique space. All of the Old Pine coffee is roasted  in-house, and baked goods and food are made from scratch in-house.

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